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  • Planning on going to the Horizon Indoor this year?


    Because of some legal issues regarding the dome on Broad Street, the Horizon Indoor Electric Festival will likely not take place this year. Please see below.

    From Event Director Terry Nitsch via Facebook:

    Date: 9/19/16

    Horizon Indoor Update

    The Horizon Indoor 2015 was a record breaker in many ways. There were 302 registered pilots, 20 vendors and over 1500 spectators during the course of the three day event. Big thanks to all who have participated in the past. The 2016 event is in a bit of jeopardy at this time. The city of Whitehall has been offered a significant amount of money for the land that the dome sits on and is trying to cancel the lease of the dome owners. The owners are suing the city to stay open (which they currently are), and a final trial date is slated for next march. In the meantime, the city is restricting any activity on that property that is not directly golf related. It’s obviously a form of punishment for the dome owners to restrict their profitability as much as possible. So for 2016, the Horizon Indoor cannot take place at the golf dome.

    Now for some good news! There is currently under construction on the North West side of Columbus, a new domed athletic complex. This facility is being constructed similar to the golf dome, but is literally three times the size. It will have two indoor soccer fields side by side, a narrow office complex, and an indoor baseball diamond on the other side of the offices. We have been in serious negotiations to move the event to this new facility. As soon as the new dome is inflated we will be conducting demonstrations so the management staff can see what our sport is all about. The facility completion date is slated for early November. We cannot commit to a specific date at this time because of possible construction delays. If their management would approve our event, it could take place during the month of November. Probably on a lesser scale for this year, but it would give the attendees the opportunity to fly at the new facility, and their staff the ability to see what the event is all about. One of the scenarios we discussed was using the soccer field side for airplanes, and the baseball diamond side for quad/FPV flying and racing all day long each day. Could really be fun!!

    We will keep everyone posted on the web site and the event face book page as things progress. 
    Thank you from our team.

    Terry Nitsch, Event Director.

  • Time to Pay Your 2016 Dues

    It's time to pay your dues again. Dues remain unchanged for 2016. Membership renewals are $75, and new members are $125 ($75 Dues, $50 one-time initiation.)

    Please remember to download the membership form, fill it out and send it back in with your check. Or if you wish, we will be collecting dues at the February meeting.

    Meetings are held at City Barbeque, 5979 E. Main St., Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068. The February meeting will be on 2/16 at 7pm.

  • Please Remember Our Good Neighbor Policy

    There are times when Red our landlord hosts events on his property. On some of these occasions he would like us not to fly during the event. We try to send out emails to let everyone know in a timely matter but sometimes either members don't get them in time, forget or possibly don't care.

    In the future to prevent further confusion, when Red requests that we don't fly during an event, We will block off the driveway to the field and post a notice to the website during this time. This along with the long standing request that we keep vehicles on the gravel driveway and off the surrounding grassy areas should hopefully help get the message out when the field is closed.

    We will continue to try and send out notice of these events ahead of time. I know nothing is worse than loading up the truck and driving all the way out, only to find the field closed. Well, perhaps it's better than not having a field to go to at all.

    Please honor Red's simple request and help us maintain the good relationship we have with our landlord.

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