FAA - We're not happy until you're not happy

On December 28, 2020 the FAA issued its final rule on Remote ID for all RC planes, drones and helicopters weighing more than 250 grams ready to fly. Unless you are flying at a flying site under the umbrella of a community-based organization or educational institution, such as Tailspinners Field, you will be required to have a broadcast module installed on your aircraft by September 16, 2023 and you will be required to register with the FAA every three years. These modules are expected to cost between $20 and $50 and will be built into ARFs starting this year. Modules for existing aircraft will be available soon, and a module will be able to be used on more than one aircraft. It is our opinion that this rule is very different and much less restrictive from the proposed rule from last year. More information will be available later.

Please see the official summary from the AMA here.

There are times when Red our landlord hosts events on his property. On some of these occasions he would like us not to fly during the event. We try to send out emails to let everyone know in a timely matter but sometimes either members don't get them in time, forget or possibly don't care.

In the future to prevent further confusion, when Red requests that we don't fly during an event, We will block off the driveway to the field and post a notice to the website during this time. This along with the long standing request that we keep vehicles on the gravel driveway and off the surrounding grassy areas should hopefully help get the message out when the field is closed.

We will continue to try and send out notice of these events ahead of time. I know nothing is worse than loading up the truck and driving all the way out, only to find the field closed. Well, perhaps it's better than not having a field to go to at all.

Please honor Red's simple request and help us maintain the good relationship we have with our landlord.