History of Our Club

ABOUT US - who we are.....where we started.....where we are going..... 

1980 - The Idea Is Born
1981 - The Club Name Is Created
1983 - The Wizard of OZ
1980-1983 - The First Flying Field
1984 - The Formative Years
1985 - Doin' It At Donatos
1985 - The Farmer Moves The Corn
1985 - Make Way For the Students
1989 - The Banquet Moves
2004 - The New Field Takes Shape
2005 - Our 25th Anniversary
2006 - First Annual Barnstormers Event 
2010 - Breaking Into the Big League???


1980 - The Idea Is Born

There were some ongoing discussions among a hand full of guys who had been flying RC planes at the Fire Academy in Reynoldsburg, Ohio and others who had been flying farther east, in the Pataskala area, about starting a club for radio controlled model airplanes. One of these flyers was Wayne Rhodeback, who at that time, worked at the Hobbyland store on Main Street in Reynoldsburg. He recognized the interest and decided to put a list on the counter asking for names of those who would be interested in starting a club. Due to his efforts, Wayne is credited with being the founder of the club.

1981 — The Club Name Is Created

The list of names grew and the first of the unofficial gatherings was held at the store. In short order the gathering at the small store was just too big, so the search for a meeting place was on. The owner of Don's Restaurant just east of Hobbyland, also on Main Street (on the location now stands a Burger King) was contacted,  and it was determined that we could be accommodated. At that time there were approximately 25 interested people. Meetings took place on the third Tuesday of each month. Dues were $25/year.

A club name was needed and suggestions were given and discussed by the membership. Roland Osborne suggested the name, "TAILSPINNER". It was voted on and agreed to by all the members. Our first president was Jerry Hill. Wayne Rhodeback was vice president, and Geoff Combs was the secretary/treasurer. These beginning years were formidable and tough. Wayne stepped in when needed when the president was not able to be involved as much needed, and handled most of the challenges when they arose.

1983 — The Wizard of OZ

Roland Osborne was elected president and remained in that position until the end of 1988. Wayne Rhodeback continued as vice president, and Jeff Combs continued as secretary/treasurer, each for another year.

1980-1983 — The First Flying Field

In the beginning, the club did not have a flying site and after banging the bushes by the membership, a site was found on the east side of Taylor Road just east of Reynoldsburg and north of Route 40 (the area is now a subdivision). Following an extensive clean up of the area, a runway was cut out and mowed by the membership. The club flew at this location for three flying seasons. Because of a noise issue on a Sunday morning between two club members and a local neighbor, the club was asked to vacate the location at the end of that flying season.

1984 — The Formative Years

At the suggestion of Jeff Combs, the club membership voted to join the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) in April 1984. It became and remains a sanctioned club (#992) with the AMA. 1984 was a trying year, and after much discussion and debate, the club adopted its first constitution and field safety rules. With the help from Roland's wife Jan, this was put together and typed. Copies were distributed to all the members. Since it was the president's duty to compile and send out a club newsletter each month, Jan agreed to type this as well.

1984 was the first year for the annual Christmas banquet. It was held at the Lions Club hall in Etna, located on Route 310, just north of I-70. With the assistance from Dennis Rider, the hall was rented for December 16. Putting this all together was also one of the duties of the club president. Each member brought something, from covered dishes to utensils and everyone had a great time. Due to an oversight in the planning, the clean up afterwards was handled by the president and Burl Jordan - they were the last two there.

The banquet was held at the Lions Club location each year through 1988, with club member Elmer Taminni providing the food. Elmer worked for a catering service, so the variety of food was great and the price was right. His expertise was very appreciated by the membership.

1985 — Doin' It at Donatos

In 1985, Tom Long was elected vice president, Dennis Rider was elected secretary and Jim Buckenberger was elected treasurer. The meetings had moved to Donatos on Brice Rd, north of Livingston Ave. because Don's was closing its doors and the club needed more room.

1985 — The Farmer Moves the Corn

Finding a new flying site was the biggest issue. In 1985, it was Burl Jordan who talked to the farmer who was planting and growing crops on the land located behind 12718 National Rd.(Route 40, just east of Wagram ). Later, Burl and Roland met the farmer at this location to determine the area that could be used by the club and not hinder the farming. Other members came out to look at the location and were jumping for joy. No negatives for a change. Once the farmer was satisfied, Roland contacted the owner of the land and the necessary paperwork was drawn up and signed. The area was rented to the club for $200 a year with the stipulation that the land would be kept neat and orderly. The club finally had a new home. This new location also brought new challenges. Field development and clean up was needed. Dues had to be raised to help pay for mowing and field equipment.

1985 was by far, the biggest growing year the club had ever seen. Four trustees were elected to maintain the field. They formed mowing crews made up from the membership. Each trustee led a crew. The crews were scheduled on a weekly basis.

1985 — Make Way For the Students

1985 also sparked the beginning of the Wednesday night flight-training program at the field and, there have been many members who have become proficient RC pilots because of it. This was one of the clubs main objectives, and it can be very proud of what has been accomplished over the years.

This club was the first in the area to be on television. The Neighborhood News did an article for the paper on the club in 1986. The article contained pictures of some of the members in action, as well as a story about the club itself. Later on, the program director for PM Magazine contacted Roland to see if the club would be interested in being on the program, with the filming taking place at the field. That was a great moment in club history. There were some VCR tapes of this event that some of the older members might still have for viewing.

Channel 4 News with Cabot Ray also did his show from our field. It was a great time with lots of flying. Cabot got the chance to fly a glider with the assistance from Dennis Rider, all of which was televised. There are VCR tapes of this as well. Over the years the club has been invited to participate in a number of events such as air shows as well as static displays in mall shows.

1989 — The Banquet Moves

The banquet moved to the Ramada Inn on Brice Road in Reynoldsburg in 1989 and remained at that location through 2003. Currently, the banquet is held at the Ole Summit Towne Restaurant in Summit Station.

2004 — The New Field Takes Shape

In 2004, James Loudenslager was instrumental in obtaining permission for the club to fly at Emswiler Farms. Ground was broken for the new field, called Emswiler Park, Home of the Tailspinners, and the rock hounds gave their sweat and muscle power to clear the field.

2005 — Our 25th Anniversary

The grass is growing and the grand opening will be in 2005, our 25th Anniversary. Come celebrate with us!


2006 — The Inaugural Barnstormers Fly In

The Inaugural Barnstormers Fly In was held in mid-September. This was an all-biplane event with raffles and prizes. We only had a few participants from outside the club, but all enjoyed the event and planned to have it continue and hopefully grow. Our Own Jimmy Loudenslager was Contest Director for the event, and Tony Christipher was the main sponsor. We deemed it a success, and all who participated had fun.


2010 — Breaking Into the Big League ???

The 5th Annual Barnstormers Event was held this in August 2010. The change of date was brought about by two things; weather conditions and other bigger events. The weather has been a factor for the four previous Barnstormer Fly Ins and thus the participation of outsiders has been low. Also contributing to the low turn out was the other big events that were going on in September. Another considering factor was that vacation time was over because of school starting dates. Also a slight change of venue has been made. We included not only multi-winged aircraft but also any aircraft that is pre-world war ll. We hoped that with the change of date and venue coupled with the intense advertising and promotion, this would spur an influx of participation. Joe Lemermeier spear headed these changes with the support of the club and board of directors.